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Do You Have WATER, FIRE or MOLD Damage in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona?

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Water Damage Repair

Trusted- Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Company

  • Expert 24-Hour Emergency Service- & Days A Week
  • Faster Response to Any Size Disaster or Property Damage
  • Expert, Highly Trained Water Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Residential & Commercial Water Restoration Industry in Phoenix & Surrounding Areas
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Top-Rated, Water Inspection, Extraction, and Drying Equipment Services

Serving Phoenix, Mesa & Surrounding Metropolis for Your Commercial & Residential Restoration Needs

Throughout Phoenix, Mesa & Surrounding AZ Metropolis, many residential and commercial properties experience a variety of water damage restoration services. A flood, like a burst pipe, sewage backup, can affect you, your residence and your business in the blink of an eye. With Thomas Restoration, the need for water damage cleanup is urgent and our Phoenix water damage restoration services can help right away.

Well-Trained Restoration Technicians

Our well-trained technicians, are available 24/7 for fast emergency response anytime you have an emergency. It is important to note, that your emergency requires immediate attention that starts with a professional restoration & fast cleanup.

Phoenix & Mesa Water Damage Remediation and Restoration Experts

Furthermore, we can begin applying water damage removal & restoration solutions right away. Additionally, we offer a large inventory of water damage cleanup equipment. To include, our powerful water extraction vacuums, & machines. These often range from, portable’s, to larger equipment. Finally, we will dry your home, office or commercial facility with hundreds of air dehumidifiers & dryers, ultimately preserving your valuable assets.

The Owner’s Choice in Phoenix Water Damage Restoration & Remediation in Arizona

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration

Residential Carpet Flood Restoration in Phoenix & Mesa AZ- Thomas Restoration

Thomas Restoration, a expert Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Service, is a trusted partner to building owners and property managers. Additionally, we are proud to service those who need an elite, responsive team of restoration experts.

Specialists in Phoenix Water Damage Restoration, Phoenix, & Mesa, AZ, Water Damage Repair Services

Top Fire, Mold Damage & Remediation Professional’s

Looking for a Top, Phoenix Water Damage Restoration or Phoenix, AZ, Water Damage Repair Services? Your search is over with Thomas Restoration.


Best Fire, Mold & Water Damage Removal Services Around

Additionally, our restoration company offers top, Fire, Mold & Water Damage Removal services for the entire state of Arizona. Learn more about our service areas and state water info.

Featured Client Testimonial

“Family businesses are the foundation of our country and Thomas Restoration, a top Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Company

has always earned my respect in their efforts for me and my family. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Nicholas Holmes

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Commercial Building Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Mesa & Phoenix Arizona and surrounding cities. We are proud to have helped so many Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale Arizona Companies with Water Damage & Restoration projects. Some of our Water Damage Restoration in Arizona include, CVS, Walgreens, Old Navy, Kohles, Old Navy and many more.

Phoenix Water Damage Repair, Fire & Mold Restoration

You never realize how much you need something until it is gone. Thomas Restoration of Mesa AZ is in the business of helping out when disaster strikes your commercial property. Thankfully, we’re here when you need us the most. Whether it’s water damage from a burst pipe or emergency commercial restoration services from a fire or flood, we are here when times get tough.

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Emergency Services

That is why we are just a phone call away and available 24/7/365, which makes it possible for our fire, water, mold damage workers in Mesa Arizona to be at your building within 45 minutes.

Freshly New

We understand that seeing your commercial property under distress can be a heartbreaking time, and we are here to shed some light on your darkest hour.

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Residential Restoration

Call now if you're experiencing the following:

  • Water leaks
  • Kitchen floods
  • Basement Floods
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Mold Removal - Mold
  • Natural Diasters

Residential Reconstruction

Or any other water damage issue!
We have always had a passion to serve others and are always adapting to new strategies and the latest technologies in order to solve the problem quickly, dry, and fully restore your home. As long as we’re giving you a safe home back, we will work as hard as we can to help in your time of need and make sure you’re happy. We provide 24 hour services and arrive on time every time for your convenience!

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Cleanup Service

Similarly to your drain pipes, the sewer line in your home can become clogged, causing backups which often lead to major water damage emergencies. Though clogs from non-flushable items are the most common cause of sewer backups, other causes such as tree roots or collapsed city lines can result in a devastating backup of highly contaminated water. Even if your home or business uses a septic system, backups can still occur, primarily from clogs, and have the same potentially costly effects.


Unlike a flood caused by an overflowing sink, for example, sewage water easily transmits hazardous pathogens. As a result, it is highly recommended you hire a professional sewage damage removal company like Thomas Restoration PROs to safely, and properly handle your sewage clean up project. Our team has the proper training to know where it is safe to enter the building, how to safely dispose of the contaminated water, and when it is safe to re-enter your property.

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Explore Recent Work

Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix & Mesa, AZ

Thomas Restoration is a industry leader in providing Phoenix Water Damage Restoration services, and also in Mesa, AZ. Furthermore, we have been through numerous commercial & residential restoration situations. Furthermore, this has solidified their historic tenure in the restoration & remediation industry. As a result, has allowed them to develop a healthy understanding in Water Damage Repair, Fire & Mold Remediation. Services & Arizona Department of Water


Our Core Values – We Are Here To Help

Thomas Restoration, can restore your property as quickly as possible. At the same time, provide you and your family with a sense of relief. It is our intention, to alleviate your stress and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our Clients and Home Owners Say

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration

“We had a flood just before Christmas, and we have never experienced anything like this before. Thomas Restoration & their team arrived quickly & walked us thru all the steps of what needed to be done. The team is knowledgeable & professional & I just can’t say enough about Thomas Restoration. We appreciate all your help. ”

Phoenix & Mesa Water Damage Restoration Services By Thomas Restoration-Thomas Restoration

“I have used Zach with Thomas Restoration for multiple Commercial Water Damage & Mold Remediation projects in Phoenix, AZ. Each time he has been responsive and quick to take care of my issue. I am very happy with the service and is highly recommended!”

- Taylor Tondevold

Latest News

Welcome to Thomas Restoration, we are a proud, Phoenix Water Damage Restoration and Mesa Arizona service and owners of short-term rental properties. Many are suffering unprecedented losses, as the flood of tourists that normally descends upon the Phoenix area every spring dried up almost overnight.

“I am actually surprised that this is happening so quickly,” said Greg Hague.  Real estate broker and attorney, who owns Hague Partners and 72Sold.

Hague says his company has listed many former short-term rentals in the past month. Additionally, representing sellers who need to unload homes that are no longer producing income. Mesa, AZ.

Glendale AZ Water Damage Repair Services

November 25th, 2021|

Water Flood Repair Services Glendale AZ Water Damage Repair Services by Thomas Restoration Looking for the best, most reliable, Glendale, AZ Water Damage Repair Services in Arizona? Your search is over with Thomas Restoration Services.

Top Rated Phoenix Water Damage Cleanup Company

November 19th, 2021|

Flood Clean Up Services   Top Rated Phoenix Water Damage Cleanup Company in Scottsdale by Thomas Restoration Looking for the best, most reliable, Water Damage Repair Company in Scottsdale, AZ? Your search is over with


Water Damage Clean Up for Residential & Commercial Businesses in Phoenix & Mesa, AZ

Mesa and Phoenix Arizona Remediation and Restoration



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