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Looking for a top, Chandler Water Damage Repair Company? Your search is over, with Thomas Restoration. Additionally, we are proud to service all of Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. Finally, we provide water damage repair services for both Residential & Commercial, Water, Fire & Mold  Remediation projects.

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Chandler Water Damage Restoration by Thomas Restoration

Looking for the best, commercial or residential water damage repair services? You will be happy to know, our professional’s are here to help.

1) More important, the first step in solving a flood problem, is to remove the excess water.

2) Second, it is very important to remove the moisture ASAP. Reason. new mold can begin to grow on moist, porous surfaces within 24 to 48 hours. As a result, all water and moisture will need to be removed immediately.
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Not to Worry, We Are An Experienced Water Removal Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

It is important to note, it is critical that you contact a experienced water removal specialist. Specifically, asap when you see water, fire or flood damage, in your home or business. Our experienced professionals, at Thomas Restoration, can handle any commercial or residential water damage removal project. Get more knowledgeable


Commercial Water Damage Restoration


Unfortunately, you never realize how much you need something, until it is gone. Thomas Restoration of Chandler, AZ, is in the business of helping out. Especially, when disaster strikes your commercial or your residential property. Thankfully, we’re here when you need us the most. Whether it’s water damage, from a burst pipe, or emergency commercial restoration services from a fire or flood. Rest assured, we are here, when times get tough.


Residential & Commercial Reconstruction

It is important to note, we can provide the best services for  any water damage repair project.  We have always had a passion, not only to serve others, but are always adapting to new strategies and the latest technologies. This proves true, in order to solve the problem quickly, it is important o remain calm. Our mission is to dry, and fully restore your home or business, professionally. As long as we’re giving you a safe home back, we will work as hard as we can to help in your time of need and make sure you’re happy. We provide 24 hour services and arrive on time every time for your convenience!


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We understand that seeing your commercial property under distress can be a heartbreaking time, and we are here to shed some light on your darkest hour.


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